Burger King has too much confidence in its wieners

Why Burger King felt the need to jump into the hot dog game is beyond me. Aren't they home of the Whopper? It feels wrong to have a company be both home to the Whopper and hot dogs, two opposite sides of the spectrum. 

With the onslaught up of hot dog ads from BK, competitors and hot dog stalwarts 7 Eleven and Checkers and Rally's have begun an online #Wienersmackdown on Twitter. At first glance, the hashtag appears to be one of the WWE variety, but upon further review.....

The above tweet brings up a fair point. BK's dogs are $1.99 and $2.39, vastly more expensive then the competition.  Anything that causes the hashtag #Wienersmackdown and does not involve the adult video industry and/or the WWE should be avoided at all costs.

I have not and will not ever try one of these hot dogs from BK, but it is only fair to assume based on common sense that one would need to order at least 5 of the damn things to become full. This would cost you as much as going to a real restaurant and getting a real meal. Fast food never fills you up and is very fast to go through your system, theirs no way these wieners are any different. 

Only time will tell if the BK wiener will stick. Reviews are mixed coming out of the gate. Fast food joints need to stick to there roots. McDonald's and Burger King don't need more selection, fatties are not coming for new items, they have their orders memorized and never even look at the menus behind the counter. they even have exact change for the order.