Finally, a supermarket filled with expired food

WeFood has officially opened its doors to the good people of Copenhagen. The store will give shoppers the opportunity to buy products at up to 50% off retail price....with just a few catches. Every item on the shelves is either damaged and/or expired according to its factory given date. This may be the greatest idea for a business since those smiley cleaning products from Shark Tank

This store is a revelation and needs to spread to the US like wild fire. Expiration dates mean nothing, everything we do gives us cancer now a days so what is the harm in eating some expired food? NOTHING. 

If this store were in the states I would be willing to drive up to 90 minutes once a week to save the money. Who the hell gives a shit about products having damaged packaging? Oh no, not a dented tomato can! Screw that cereal box, its not straight! Adam Sandler tried to start the WeFood shopping trend years ago in his classic film, Big Daddy.

 Please, I would buy stuff from WeFood all day....can they ship to the states?