An actual recipe for deez nuts??

There are a few things I make it a point to do when I visit New York City. 1) I always make sure to never not be people watching, it should be a sanctioned sport in the 5 boroughs. 2) I always visit some sort of park. Maybe its because I grew up in a small town in NH, but visiting a park in NYC allows me to forget about half of the weird shit that is happening right next to me as I walk the crowded streets. And 3) I always, always, always shell out some human dollars for Nuts 4 Nuts. They are legal crack cocaine. I cannot think of a reason why I couldn't eat an entire cart of them. Not a carton, a cart, as in the cart that the guy is parking on the corner and selling them from, I could eat all the nuts on that cart and still be hungry somehow.

I came across a simple recipe that allows me to bake those Nuts in my kitchen. Since they are indeed crack cocaine and I could not stop eating them, I had to find a way to make them less tasty (sort of) so that I could stop myself. Recipe below.

PS. If you want the crack cocaine version just substitute the coconut sugar for some Domino and you too will be an addict. 


2 Tablespoons water

1 Cup (deez) nuts (any kind you prefer)

1/4 Cup organic coconut sugar


Put sugar and water in frying pan on medium heat. As soon as sugar water begins to boil, pour nuts in. Stir constantly until the sugar crystallizes on the nuts. Put hot nuts on some tin foil and let cool. 

That's it, just as easy to make these babies as it is to actually get addicted to cocaine.