My ultimate dog

SB Nation posted a story about how unbelievable ball park hot dogs are becoming, the article is great, and spot on. I am going to take this chance to create my ultimate hot dog. And no, I do not even like hot dogs. Here it is.....

Let me run though the toppings and why they were included:

Unicorn/steed - Protein benefits.

Boat - I was once on a boat.

Shirtless Marky Mark - Boston's finest abs.

Paul Rudd - Everyone love Paul Rudd.

Donald Trump - Maybe eating him alive will stop the madness.

Mike Wazowski - One eye, don't lie.

The Dark Knight - Batman is the best superhero, hands down.

Penguin - For waddling purposes.

Road Bike - You know you have almost hit one.

Pac Man - He's eating left shark!

Scarlett Johansson - Want to touch the hiney.

Ellen - She is the funniest woman alive.

That is a hot dog I would think about eating. Too bad normal hot dogs are nasty!