Kraft Mac N Cheese is clean now?

There are no more artificial flavors on Kraft Macaroni and Cheese anymore. That's right, paprika, annatto and turmeric have replaced yellow dye 5 and 6.

The new recipe has been sneaking its way onto store shelves since December of last year and, according to here, you would be hard pressed to find any good old fashioned yellow dye in any Kraft box in America. 

I do not eat Kraft Mac N Cheese, or at least have not ingested any in a long while. I do remember it being very yellow and gooey as a kid though. Did they change the picture on the front of the boxes to reflect what must be a new color product? There is no way without dyes literally entitled "yellow" that the mac n cheese is that same flamboyant color is there?

Does this stuff taste the same? I find it a little bit hard to believe it does. In theory it should taste worse, right? No way those lame spices taste as delicious as yellow dye. 

Does this mean that the home made mac n cheese I can get from my grandma is actually worse for me than the stuff I can get in a box? 

It is a genius move by Kraft to simply not tell anyone and sneak the new product onto shelves. I have not heard of any freak outs about the new product so I'm assuming this back door strategy worked in Kraft's favor. They are putting out a healthier version of a very popular product and people don't seem to care all too much. Bravo Kraft, maybe other shitty processed foods will follow suit.