Green foods that don't suck

Eat your greens! The classic phrase that is used on poor children daily is the worst. But, thanks goodness, not all green foods suck. Most do, but there are some saving graces. 

Avocado's - One word: Guacamole. If you don't like it, get out. You know that dumb hot sauce commercial where the old lady keeps saying, "I put that shit on everything," that applies to guacamole.

Pesto - Looking for something to give your sandwich a tasty zing!? Look no further than pesto!

Mint Ice Cream - Mint and chocolate chip are the 2 best ice cream flavors. End of conversation.

Green Eggs And Ham: Dr. Seuss is a genius. 

And finally, Apples: Granny Smiths on a hot summer day, sit under a tree and crunch away.

So remember, if its green, its usually mean. Don't hesitate to push it off your plate. If the dog doesn't want it, neither do you. Green foods will always suck, and most people do too.