Cinco De Drinco

This day is about drinking right? This is America, so yes. Here are 10 beers that are Mexican and I guess it doesn't even matter what you drink, but if you feel so inclined to drink Mexican beers, try these. These are lesser known brands, because Tecate, Corona, and XX are garbage.

Mexican Logger - Site Link - Awesome branding and bottle graphics, not to mention the great name, double G's in lager is a power move.

Sol - Site Link - Looks like piss in a bottle, perfect for Cinco De Drinko.

Pacifico Clara - Site Link - All aboard to the middle of the road tasting Pacifico, after 3 or 4 it won't matter, walk the plank.

El Sully - Site Link - Should be called El Jeffe, king of Mexican beers. 

And because this is the good old USA, expect some classic (possibly racist) drunk texts from your buddies as they drink these Mexican delicacies.