Why food trucks are awesome

There is nothing like coming home super late from work or stumbling out of a bar and seeing a food truck parked nearby. Food trucks are like beacons of light during times of need. Ain't nobody got time for a sit down meal these days. That is one of the many reasons food trucks are all the rave and should continue to be. Here are some other reasons to walk up and place your order today.

1. Convenience -  Food truck meals are prepared in roughly the same amount of time as a fast food meal, while tasting exceedingly better. The prices are not on par with fast food, but the bump up in taste makes it worth the extra dollars.

2. Cool Factor - Some morons still think cigarettes are cool. I would argue that you look much cooler eating a pulled pork sandwich from a food truck. A delicious sandwich should make people more envious of you than cancer.

3. Hours Of Operation - Many of these food trucks have come to the realization that staying open late will net them hundreds of drunks coming home from bars and other nightlife activities. Drunk people = easy cash.

4. Selection - Each food truck may only specialize in a certain kind of food (think burritos or pizza), but boy do they have a great selection of options for customers to choose from. Anything you may want on that pizza or burrito can be accomplished by the food truck staff.

 5. Outdoor Eating - During the summer months (or any nice day), eating outside is far and above more enjoyable than eating in a stuffy restaurant. 

I'm all about the food trucks. The more popular they get, the bigger of a fan I become. Keep the wheels rolling foodies.