America's (sad) favorite fast food places

Burgers and fries may be iconic fast-food items, but it turns out that Americans are looking for something fresher when they go out to eat these days.

The $228 billion fast-food industry exists to serve the whims of consumers, many of whom grew up hearing slogans like Wendy's "Where's the beef?" and McDonald's "You deserve a break today." Yet today, Americans are more likely to snub the all-beef patty and look for a break from older fast-fast chains. Read the rest here.

This list is appalling. This is why America id FAT, FAT, FAT.

9. Dominos - Their pizza is trash. Anyone who disagrees needs to go get themselves some real pizza so they can get out of the dark, dark place they have been living.

8. Chipotle - I have always thought Chipotle was overrated. You can go to any corner Mexican restaurant and get better quality food at the same price. Oh, and you may die from eating their, who knows!?

7. Subway - THEY DON'T PUT MEAT IN THEIR SANDWICHES. The most frustrating thing of all time is when you order a sandwich and get nothing but bread.

6. Dunkin Donuts - America does indeed run on Dunkin, but only their coffee. Their food is no good. The bagels have no flavor and are chewy, the donuts are mediocre at best, and the eggs are plastic.

5. Arby's - Never eaten here. But their commercials are annoying.

4. Panera Bread - The king of overpriced and overrated food. Their cinnamon bagels are delicious, I'll give them that. 

3. Little Caesars - Gross. Their pizza is chewy and fake. Anything that is hot and ready in 5 minutes is no good with the exception of street nuts from NYC. 

2. Papa John's - Peyton Manning jingle, ugh. Horrible.

1. Chick-Fil-A - Never eaten here because I grew up in NH.

Do better America. 

My go-to quick bite. Senor Salsa! Cheap, real, delicious.