Fried Twinkies come to Walmart

You can now get pre-fried Twinkies at Walmart in the frozen food section. Walmart has a 1 year exclusive on the pre-fried snack because they are Walmart and this is America.

The catch is that the Twinkies still need to be prepared once you get them to your house, pop them in the oven and you have yourself some fried treats. 

I have never had a Twinkie, ever. But I have heard tales of how they do not ever go bad, and how delicious and/or awful they taste.

I just hope Hostess doesn't end up rolling out their entire product line deep fried.

If you're like me and do not have a love for Twinkies, here are some facts about the classic treats via The Huffington Post.

- Twinkies have been subjected to many scientific experiments, including gravitational response tests and radiation tests.

- Last year, Greg Lawler strapped a Twinkie to a high altitude balloon and sent it to space. When it came back down, his 14-year-old assistant ate the Twinkie, commenting that it tasted “normal.”

- In the 1980s, Hostess introduced strawberry-filled Twinkies. The product didn’t last long.

- Deep-fried Twinkies have become a carnival and fair staple and are supposedly delicious.

- In 2010, nutrition professor Mark Haub went on a “Twinkie diet,” during which he ate only convenience store junk food for 10 weeks. He lost 27 pounds.