Brady's Back

1. We finally got to see the entire Pats offense on display. Although there are no doubt many tweaks and adjustments to come, with Brady back, the NFL got to see everything the Pats have to offer from a personnel standpoint. Gronk was not just a blocker, Edelman was not just a safety valve, and Hogan was not an afterthought.

2. Speaking of Hogan.....the Pats have not had anything like him for the last 5+ years. From what I can see, a lot of teams do not respect his speed and end up letting him get behind them. This was not a problem when Brady was not behind center, but now....

3. That throw tells you everything you need to know about Brady's arm, it's doing just fine. He has never been the best deep ball thrower in the league, and he doesn't have to be. If he can hit on 1 or 2 of these passes to Hogan a game that's a huge stress on the opposing defense that is also attempting to cage Marty and Gronk.

4. The bash bro's are ready to start rolling. While Gronk nursed a hammy pull, Bennett went off and proved he was a magnificent off season pickup by the Pats. Now that he and Gronk are able to share the same field, teams will have to pick their can only double one of them. 

5. James White looks so much better than he did last year. He looks shiftier and hopefully when Dion Lewis returns they can split the snaps and taqke some of the pressure off Lewis who has an injury history. Blount has looked awesome so  far this season as well, best he's ever looked in a Pats uniform. 

6. Now that the offense appears to be clicking, its the defenses turn to do the same. The first scoring drive Cleveland was able to put together this past Sunday was alarming, and the red zone defense has to be one of the worst in the league. Every time the opposing team gets into the red zone they get 6 points, that's not going to fly. I have faith, but they need to put together an entire game before I believe fully.

Welcome back GOAT, welcome back.