These last few weeks of bad football have all been leading up to this Thursday

This Thursday is the annual Jaguars v. Titans Thursday night football game. The game where every football fan jumps on the "Thursday Night Football is awful" bandwagon, (if they haven't already) while they still watch the terrible games on Thursday night.

Titans: Coming into this season, I thought Marcus Mariota may actually be a good QB. He was efficient last season and usually second year QB's come back showing improvement. Granted, he has a weak supporting cast, but it has not been pretty for anyone in a Titans uniform including Mariota through seven weeks. 

Jaguars: Blake Bortles was never good and he still stinks. Last season he padded the crap out of his stats in games that were over on the scoreboard. He's worse this season, and it's not close. The Jags still stink, still. Bring on Thursday night!

Last nights Cardinals Seahawks game was hard for fans to watch, but this Thursday's will be even worse, despite the fact that the scoreboard will not reflect that to be the case.

Let's take a look at the Thursday night games we have been blessed with thus far....

Week 1: Panthers v. Broncos - The Broncos proved that although Peyton Manning retired they still have a great defense and still have a humongous horseshoe up their ass allowing them to recover every turnover on the field. Broncos win 21-20. 

Week 2: Jets v. Bills - 11 interceptions ago, Ryan Fitzpatrick played lights out and made everyone believe this may be the year for the Jets....seems like that was forever ago, doesn't it? Jets win 37-31.

Week 3: Pats v. Texans - Belichick made his former OC shit his pants, beating the tar out of the Texans with JACOBY BRISSETT in the Qb's first NFL start ever. Pats win 27-0.

Week 4: Bengals v. Dolphins - The Dolphins cement their status as a mess (by not letting Jay Ajayi play), and everyone realizes that the Bengals may not be that good either. Bengals win 22-7.

Week 5: 49ers v. Cardinals - The cardinals do not play well, but the Niners are so bad it doesn't matter. SB51 seems like a long shot for the Cards and the Niners may not win more than 3 games. Cards win 33-21.

Week 6: Chargers v. Broncos - The game where the Broncos finally come to the realization that Manning is gone. Rivers and the Chargers are the best bad team of all time with an offense that can score with anyone. Broncos may need help at QB? Chargers win an "upset" 21-13.

Week 7: Titans v. Jaguars -  ????