The Peyton

Just read an article at work today that posed the question "Would Broncos want Peyton Manning back at any price?" The article was on, but originally came from Pro Football Talk which is part of NBC Sports for those who care.

The Peyton looks like the Alpaca in the picture I took and use for the logo of this site, weird haircut, neck that has trouble holding his head up, and staring off into the distance (albeit not as well as Eli). I'm not going to attack his noodle arm, or the fact that his defense mid as well have told him to sit on the bench during the playoffs because he was a tired three and out time and time again.

He is undoubtedly one of the GOAT's, but what is with Favre-like drive to keep playing? Can't he just go make out with Papa John while he hums the Nationwide tune and answers questions about tea bags? The tea bag story alone should give him enough of a reason to walk away, when you are in the spotlight for long enough, things will pop up from your past.  Sing it with me..... ~20 years is way too long~ (you know what jingle that was in tune with!)

This is all without mentioning the fact that the Peyton is too full of himself to play for less than $20 a year, no matter how many INT's he is sure to throw moving forward. That defense that just won the Super Bowl for him....they are all looking for paychecks, and last I checked those guys had stable (HGH filled?) necks and were not proclaiming their love for Budweiser .2 seconds after playing football. Chicken parm can only taste so good for so long, it is a meal that is not nearly as satisfying the second time around, the damn bread is soggy.