Mr. Davidson

Incredible story. Brandon Turnbow should never pay for a beer again. For you to earn this same privilege, follow these simple steps...

1. Witness someone beating an animal (like the one above) while riding on your Harley

2. Rescue that animal, make him or her your own, and name them something unmistakable

3. Flip the bird to the pets previous owner (I personally think he should have flipped the guys neck around)

4. Love the pet and make sure he is on display for every other pet abuser to see during future Harley rides

5. Never pay for beer again

Brandon Turnbow is an american hero. Hell, he even wrote a song dedicated to his new Harley co-pilot, Mr. Robinson (link below)

The following song has the heart of a Whitney track and I love it, this gem should be on the Billboard charts. Mr. Davidson's look in the slideshows photos say it all "can't keep a dog down." Davidson wishes his old owner would step to him so he could shit on his shoes. Watch the epic music video below and enjoy a song inspired by a true story of mans best friend.