Rapper Wale tweets that he spent $1.1 million on Uber in 2014 alone

Somebody please tell Wale that I will personally drive him around for all of 2016 for $100,000. You're telling me a guy who has that much to spend on Uber doesn't have his own personal driver?

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Wale, here's a video for your viewing pleasure. (Wale is the guy who raps and has dreads.) He does rap in the song below that his "hoes are hard to find," maybe he is using Uber to drive around in circles looking for them?

A $1.1 million dollar bag of money? Sign me up! I get that Wale is apparently reeling in the money like Cosby reeled in fat chicks, but Jesus, he probably could have paid for a damn helicopter to fly him around for the same price. Is there any perk to spending this much on Uber rides? Any rewards program I am missing? His spending habits require a better explanation, or, I guess he is a rapper, so maybe they don't.  Somebody please buy Wale a commuter car.