For NFL vets, retirement is the new cool

This week Steelers long-time TE Heath Miller decided to call it a career after 11 seasons full of timely catches and playing with a tough-guy mentality. Miller has been Big Ben's security blanket since he came into the league and walks away with 2 Super Bowl rings.

The TE joins a list of well-known players including Marshawn Lynch, Jared Allen, Charles Woodson, Jerod Mayo, Justin Tuck, Calvin Johnson and Rashean Mathis - all of whom have made the decision to walk away from the game despite knowing they could contribute to a team and keep collecting paychecks. 

I would love my Patriots to pick up Calvin Johnson and/or Charles Woodson, both of whom are nowhere near the players they once were, but can provide a boost to any team with championship aspirations both on and off the field. Hell, there are a handful of teams that could start next season with all of these crafty vets and make vast improvements over last seasons results. (I'm looking at you Jacksonville and Cleveland.)

I salute all of the players walking away from the game on their own terms. No Favre waffling, no being forced out by injury, no getting caught using PED's because they lost a step......I like this new retirement trend. 

And the one guy EVERYONE thought would walk away following his Super Bowl victory and copious Budweiser drinking has yet to do so.

For those who choose to walk, we salute you.