has become THE must follow Snapchat account of the summer

All hail the summer of Gronk, and summer is not even here yet. As you probably are aware by now, Gronk and his family/goons/harem of women followers boarded a cruise ship this week for a twerking trip. Flo Rida, Waka Flocka, and LMFAO are all on board (literally) to make sure the party never stops. All 3 acts are mediocre talents, but when their background dancers are the Gronkowski family.....the level of entertainment goes up ten fold. Sadly, the cruise comes back to port today, but is still a must follow Snapchat account as the summer of Gronk is far from over.

FUN FACT: The cruise ship was not only home to Gronk's Party, there were helpless families aboard this ship with small children. Hopefully they were aware before hand of the inevitable chaos. Those families all need the neuralyzer upon anchoring.  

Moose is Gronk's Party Bus Driver and friend. Follow his Snapchat now for live action shots...