Bearded man absolutely crushes Rihanna's "Work"

This clip is incredible on so many levels. First of all the guy is in a gym with women on treadmills off to the side becoming completely enthralled in the fact that he is slaying this song. Same goes for the girls who were probably doing some sort of core work (behind him) but now find themselves eye f&%#ing this dude and his moves. At the 15 second mark a random chick comes in and attempts to tell him something to which he completely ignores her and continues to twerk. His beard game is on point and he has the illusion of wearing no bottoms going thanks to his choice to wrap his hoodie around his waist like its 1993 and he's hiking a mountain. He is covered in tats and appears to be wearing either man Uggs or Santa's actual boots. The lighting is perfect, little blue and yellow dots dance around his pale white limbs as he shakes and quakes for all to see. This guys sweat definitely smells like that glittery tinsel shit you put on your Christmas tree.