Forbes publishes list of fattest cities in America

It's 2016 and lists are still king of the web. You can find a list for anything you would like. Type a single word into Google and you will be served up at least one list that has something to do with that word. Forbes loves lists as much as any site and there recently posted "Fattest Cities In America" is a classic.

Coming in at #10 on the list is Rockford, IL. (33% obesity rate) The paragraph lists a ton of reasons why nobody should relocate to the city, poor finances, no job security, and pension liabilities all included. Who knew these were associated with fat people?

Green Bay, WI. 33% (obesity rate) CHEESE DID IT! 

Coming in at #3 is Hagerstown, WV. (36.7 obesity rate) Did you know the state is the second biggest coal producing state in America. Fascinating! Fat people are employed in coal factories?

And the winner is Huntinton-Ashland, WV. (39.5% obesity rate) Still producing the second most coal in America! A 60-40 fat person rate is terrifying, and I am now skeptical of coal and the entire state of West Virginia. 

This list is so bad its good. Chalk up another useless list to the internet archives, I already cannot wait for the 2017 update! Until then, rock on West Virginia, rock on!