FX looks to get back on track with Tom Hardy, Taboo

FX has unleashed the trailer for its upcoming original series, Taboo. The eight-episode mini-series stars Tom Hardy playing a badass adventurer who returns to Britain with 14 stolen African diamonds seeking revenge for the death of his father. Thats really all you need to know, but I'll continue for those who have not already hit the play button on the trailer like I would have.

The trailer shows Hardy being the primal man that he is, accent included. Love everything about this. After this OJ show they are currently airing, FX needs this show to be as fun and ferocious as its trailer looks. Tom Hardy is easily one of my favorite actors of the last 5 years and Taboo seems like it will continue his run of choosing great scripts/roles....oh wait a second, the script was written by him and his father. DING DING!  Anything that chronicles the East India Company I am %100 in on. Tom will be kicking copious amounts of ass and has no time to take any names so buckle up and check out the trailer below.