Mumbai setting "No Selfie Zones"

Cnet posted an article about Mumbai setting No Selfie Zones to keep tourists safe. The tourist hot spot will be posting no selfie signs at 16 of its most popular locations. 

These signs should be everywhere! People actually die taking selfies which I have no problem with because if you need to go to the extreme measures of posing and/or doing something that could (and will) cause you to pass away just to look "good" for a photo you stink. This is the reason I say I look good in every damn photo I've ever taken, no re-takes, no second shots.

You know who cares about the selfies you are taking? Not me, and not the ass clowns laughing at you while you take them.  There are so many examples of selfie stupidity its sad. 

Example  1

Example 2

This example list is over, you don't need any more. Taking selfies is becoming like smoking, people read the horror stories and just keep going about their selfie taking business. Oh cigarettes 100% will kill me? (lights up)....I'll quit one day. Oh, selfies are the dumbest thing ever and have harmful consequences? (lemme turn the flash on and pose).