The definitive case against Trump = Aaron Carter

I am of the belief that Mr. Trump has no business running for president, but I understand how in today's society, some people are gravitating toward him. Some folks are so desperate in this world that they will vote for anything with a pulse that says what they want to hear. There are about 3 million reasons not to vote for Trump come election time, but the number one reason came to the surface recently. Aaron Carter endorsed him....on Twitter none the less. 

Yes, this is the Aaron Carter who once had the "hit" song "I Want Candy." Which is some of the hottest garbage ever recorded. This is the most sensible endorsement Trump has received thus far. Aaron is clueless, Trump is clueless, its a match made in heaven.

Why does Aaron Carter have one of those check marks next to his Twitter name verifying that he is "famous." OMG he's the real Aaron Carter, no way! He is about as irrelevant as one can get at this point and yet hi support of Trump is making news. Sad.