DiCaprio win = Patriots run

Instead of comparing Leo to Brady, which is a slam dunk (both don't age, have so much success people hate them, can't stop winning, and are so good looking it's unfair). See what I did there? Anyways....

I hate to say it, but Leo's win last night was a make up call by the Academy. Over the last 15 years, Leo, like Brady's Patriots, has experienced a run that is almost impossible in terms of notoriety, grandeur and simply winning. Below is Leo's IMDB since 2001.  

And here is the New England Patriots win/loss breakdown since 2001

Both Leo and the Pats have some hiccups to be sure ( Don's Plum = the 2002 Patriots season.) But, both are human (barely), so bumps are expected.

The Patriots won back to back Super Bowl titles at the same time Leo was filming Gangs Of New York, Catch Me If You Can, and The Departed!  Speaking of The Departed, that is one of the films Leo should have been carrying around a gold statue after. The scene below can open and close my case. 

If that doesn't do it for you, how about this? 

Both clips show Leo's ability to adapt to his roll and perform at an elite level year after year. The Patriots offense are quite good at the same ability to adapt and play at an elite level no matter what. (As long at #12 is in uniform) 

That video gives me a.....

Back to my original point, Leo and the Pats should win everything every year. I can point to several times the Patriots had the best roster in football and failed to hoist and Lombardi. (2007, 2011, 2015.) Likewise, Leo has performed at an Oscar level and failed to be rewarded. (What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and the two movies I included clips of.) 

Leo finally carrying that small golden man is a make up call from the 3 he should already have, the Academy knows it. Tom Brady is currently STILL under league investigation for a "crime" that everyone (including the league) can see through as simply payback for the Spygate controversy. Makeup calls for both!  Neither Leo nor the Pats are going anywhere, the Pats just inked Brady to a 2 year extension today, and Leo will be Leo until he looses that gorgeous face of his. Get used to them people. And those 3 Oscars Leo doesn't have matches the number of (additional) Super Bowls Brady should have.