Clippers new mascot is..?

The Clippers owner was just valued as the richest owner in sports by Forbes, so why can't he find or afford something better than the new bird creature the Clips just introduced? And yes, that smiling bald guy at the beginning of the video is owner Steve Ballmer, Mr. 23 billion dollars. 

The mascot is doing a few things wrong. Why in the world is it wearing pads? If I'm a fan, I want my mascot to be tough, there are no such things as bumps or bruises if your mascot is tough and those incidents should not even cross its mind. A helmet is one thing, if you can dress it up with a badass logo (which the Clippers lack) but,  Elbow pads? Really?? Danger cannot be on a mascots mind. Ever.  

Then we have the 3 digit number on the jersey. I know it serves a purpose (zip code), but once again it makes the bird creature look corny. Give the thing an authentic jersey. In fact, give the bird a DeAndre Jordan jersey and then they can perform the half time show together. All Jordan does is dunk and miss free throws in regulation anyway. 

The bird creatures face looks like one a kid would have nightmares of. Big, creepy eyes, a fake smile, and a huge blue nose. Its a clown-bird hybrid. 

The better move would have been to cut DeAndre Jordan and then pay him less to be the teams mascot. Not hire a bird creature that looks like its learning to ride a two-wheeler.