Matt Flynn, Matt Schaub and Matt Cassel all have jobs

Are there no QB's coming out for the draft this year? That is the only explanation I can think of for these 3 heart-breakingly awful gunslingers to have jobs again.

First up we have Matt Schaub (above) who signed with the Falcons yesterday. Back in 2013, Schaub set an NFL record by throwing a pick six in 4 straight games as the QB for the Texans. He has not been a viable QB option since. I realize Matt Ryan is not getting benched anytime soon, but my lord if he goes down and I'm a Falcons fan, I am mailing the rest of the season in.

PS. In Schaub's last 9 starts he has thrown 6 pick six's, 4 of which resulted in TD's. 

Next up we have Matt Cassel, whom the Titans decided to sign yesterday. 

Pat's fans like myself know how bad Matt Cassel is. Anyone who sits behind the great Tom Brady for years and then throws passes like the one above is just not talented. That throw looked like Cassel had a stroke as the ball was released. Better hope Mariota's knees hold up this season Titans.

And finally, the grand daddy of them all, Matt Flynn. Once upon a time, Flynn showed that he could throw 6 TD passes in a game and he has been horrible ever since. That one game is called an anomaly, something the NFL has yet to pick up on.

Yesterday Flynn signed with his 7th NFL team, the Saints. This is so head scratching, why do teams keep throwing money at Flynn? He's really not good. The only thing the man has even been good at is collecting game checks. Only in America, only in America.