One of the greatest power moves of all time

Flashback for you. Season 7 of survivor. In the Amazon. During an immunity challenge contestants were tasked with standing on a pole in the water for as long as possible. Little did anyone know that two girls would make this episode one of the most memorable in the shows long and storied history. 

Jenna Morasca and Heidi Strobel volunteered to strip naked and get off their perches if host Jeff Probst would provide them with chocolate and peanut butter. Probst did what any man would and called the girls out, providing each with a glass of soda, peanut butter, and chocolate cookies. 

The ladies could not resist or believe Probst came through with the treats and they lived up to the hype, stripping naked on national TV. 

Survivor is still on TV, it's in season 30 or something crazy like that. Episodes like this one allowed the shows longevity to become a reality. I will always remember watching this episode. And hey, both ladies made some extra coin off of the deal ultimately getting on the cover of Playboy Magazine. God Bless America.