Russ and Ciara, gross

Russell Wilson and Ciara are apparently engaged. This is not good for the Seahawks, anybody's social media feed, or Future. 

The social media announcement was so Wilsonish it made me ill. 

Ciara has been linked with famous people before, rappers Future, 50 Cent, and Bow Wow to be exact. All of whom literally almost died from being with her. 50 Cent and Bow Wow are so far out of any career arc its scary. Future is the lone exception, and he had a kid with her. By the way, he is not at all happy about Wilson playing daddy to his son

Baby Future

Baby Future

That's not the worst part though. Wilson has been playing daddy to Future and Ciara's little son since day one. And Wilson has a social media addiction so it is gross and spreads like a silent fart. 

Wilson and Ciara have yet to sleep with one another due to Wilson's religious beliefs. But, Ciara definitely slept with the rappers listed above, so I think Wilson may actually just be smart. Once they screw, his career may end. Once thy tie the knot, there is no way that Wilson is saying no to this....

So if Wilson can avoid getting capped by Future, and tearing his ACL, these two were made for one another. only time will tell. Good luck to CiaraRuss!