The Pats are going for the full monty

If the 2016 NFL season were to start today (I wish), the Patriots would take the field with 3 white starting wide receivers, and the Gronk. If they could somehow find a white running back (I miss you Woodhead), that would be a full monty! Every offensive skill position would be a white guy, that is unheard of in today's NFL.

There are a few things that could get in the way of this happening of course, Danny Amendola will need to restructure his contract to stay with the team, he knows that, and it should get done soon. The Pats need him as he has proven to be an asset.

Second, Chris Hogan could still be snatched back by the Bills, but they would need to completely fill their salary cap to do so. This is very unlikely, but I would not put anything past Rex Ryan and his fat brother.

The patriots picked up the remainder of Gronk's contract, and he will now make less than newly signed Saint Coby Fleener over the next 4 years. That is laughable. The fact that a handful of tight ends are making more than the Gronk is a joke.

As for a white running back the Pats could possible sign before the season starts, we could promote Joey Iosefa to a starter, sign Toby Gerhart (awful), or wait until next season and draft Christian McCaffrey (drool). If anyone can figure it out, its the Pats. Maybe we don't wait until next year for the McCaffrey pipe dream, I'm sure there are some off the radar small white guys who can run in this years class.

Oh and the Pats QB, he's white, and also the best signing of this off season by any team.

White Guys!

White Guys!