Miko Grimes is smarter than the Miami Dolphins

You probably don't know who Miko Grimes is, but she is smart. Miko is the wife of Pro Bowl CB Brent Grimes. Brent was released by the Miami Dolphins (and then signed for 2 yrs/16.5 mill by the Bucs), putting him out of his misery. Until now, nobody knew that Brent's wife was having such a hard time with the organization that was paying her husband more than $20 million. 

It makes sense, the Dolphins have been having a hard time understanding how football works for some time now. The same organization that signed Ndamukong Suh to a contract worth roughly a billion dollars last off season, only to once again fail to take a step forward, has made more questionable decisions during free agency. 

First, the Fins traded for Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso. Maxwell was paid like a number one shut down defensive back during last seasons free agency by the Eagles. He struggled mightely in coverage and has yet to play up to his contract. The Fins now get to throw that money at him. Alonso was a great player his rookie year with the Bills, but since then cannot stay on the field. He to was part of the awful Eagles last season, most of which he spent in the training room or injured. This trade also means the Fins moved 5 spots back in the upcoming draft, bravo!

The Fins lost arguably their two most talented players last week, RB Lamar Miller and DE Olivier Vernon....then they signed Mario Williams who has not been good in 3 years. the Fins did not care and are on the hook for a guaranteed $12 million. 

Miko said this about the Dolphins and I cannot argue with her: "The Bucs are a real organization, being ran properly, unlike that Dumpster fire in the AFC East we just left!"

Drop the mic, Miko, drop the mic.