NH needs help

20/20 recently aired a piece entitled Breaking Point: Heroine In America, focusing on the growing epidemic of young heroin users across the USA. Buuuuut, the entire show was filmed in and followed young people from NH.

Having grown up in NH I have always known of the drug problems that the state has dealt with over the years, all states have drug issues. From this 20/20 piece, it seems as though the problems are growing. Teenagers and young adults are abusing prescription pills (Oxycontin, Vicodin) and after their prescriptions are up, they move on to the cheaper, easier to get heroin.

Heroin takes one hit and a person can be addicted immediately. These young adults are hopelessly addicted and having babies who are then born addicted, that's right, BORN addicted to heroin. This means that doctors are weening 3 day old babies off of opioids.

This is an incomprehensible problem to me. I've broken my arm, wrist, had my appendix removed, had my wisdom teeth yanked out, and been through numerous other procedures for which I have been prescribed some sort of pain killers. For me, all the these meds have made me feel horrible. The only rush I ever experienced was from the meds drying my mouth out making me drink water, and then I'd rush to the bathroom to pee. 

I realize that the reaction is different for everyone, but there is a reason prescriptions are only so many days in length. There is also a reason the bottle that you are given reads "take when necessary" or "take when needed." 

Doctors should not be prescribing any amount of pain killers that could maybe lead to a patient getting addicted. If there is a question, I feel like the doctor should be like "nope, lets just give this person less."

Maybe instead of prescribing pain killers based on someones height, weight and age, we should focus more on a persons past behaviors, lifestyle and makeup.

Just throwing it out there. Peep the video below, it'll blow your mind.