Steak And BJ Day gifs

Its one month post Valentines day, aka steak and bj day. A holiday where the girl gets to repay the guy for the $200 he spent on some flowers, chocolates, a teddy bear and some Asian delicacy a month ago. 

The I know I'm a straight 10 and this day is everyday for me, but I'll take it and celebrate it.

The very enthused girlfriend and/or side chick that is trying to play the day off like she has no interest.

The guy that literally just explained the holiday to his sisters friend.

The "good girl" who has no idea what today's events consist of, but wants to be cool with her girlfriends.

The chick who knows whats coming and acts like she's too classy.

The if he f&^$ me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster.

The girlfriend who brings up steak and bj day herself without any hints from her man.

And finally, the sweaty guy who just finished his steak as his buddy walked in.