I found Pink!

So I'm watching Bar Rescue tonight and I find Pink, or P!nk, or however she spells it. You know, this chick....

Apparently she has given up her singing gig for cooking. Check it out! 

On the left is Chef Pink, who helped Jon Taffer drag a bar out of the gutter. And to the right is P!nk, the singer that nobody has heard from in a while. I was wondering where the queen of angst ran off to. She's just gone behind the scenes and joined Taffers' dream team. She looks as bad ass as ever, same hair, same eyes, same smile, I mean as Taffer would say....SHUT IT DOWN! Mystery over. 

I'm glad you're alive and well Pink. I am also glad you removed the exclamation point from your name because that shit is very confusing and incorrect grammar. You had a good run in the music biz, I support your decision to call it a career and ride Taffers' plaid jacket tails to greatness in your new life.