What Matt Cassel should do next

Stinky NFL QB Matt Cassel was a Buffalo Bill for a hot second this past season and....they paid him $58.73 for a performance bonus. 

Cassel, who has managed to earn just shy of $60 million dollars being a very mediocre NFL talent, could do lots of things with this fun performance bonus.

1) He could pick up 2 copies of Ron Jenkins "Quarterback Play: Fundamentals and Techniques." After shipping, he could use the rest of the money for a bookmark. 

2) Cassel could reflect on his days in Kansas City by purchasing his own jersey from the NFL shop. He can only afford a replica jersey, nothing authentic.

3) Now that he is with Tennessee, Cassel could prepare himself with some country music by purchasing "The Only Classic Country Collection You'll Ever Need." Yes, it's a CD.

If none of these options appeal to Cassel, he could be a gentleman and blow his bonus on his lady with the item below.

Cassel will no doubt be seeing a lot of this from the side line this upcoming season. For his sake, I hope Mariota's knees hold up on plays like these.

Keep cashing those checks Cassel!