Selena Gomez runs Instagram, meh

Gomez has 69.8 million Instagram followers. That is very impressive for someone who's best film appearance came in The Big Short when she was making a cameo as herself explaining synthetic CDO's.

Seriously, have you seen her other movie credits? Hotel Transylvania, Behaving Badly, Spring Breakers, The Muppets, I could go on. Yuck. I know photos like the ones below are the reason for her massive Instagram following, but her music sucks so bad I cannot talk myself into liking her. And personally, I don't think she can act past a Disney Channel level either.

The only show Gomez has ever done that I enjoyed was Barney. To me, she has done nothing else worth following. Barney was great and you all know it.

Gomez passed her buddy Taylor Swift, which I have no problem with. Swift has yet to take a photo that I like her face in. In every shot I see of her I feel like she is wayyy too aware that she is on camera and it drives me nuts. Even her recent vacation photos are awful.

TSwift and SG deserve to be besties. Together, they rule the Instagram world. Let me know when Gomez rules the big screen.