China's new "sprawling suburbia" looks terrifying

Pictures of China's ever-expanding suburbs surfaced online recently, and they confirm all of my perceived horrors of living there. 

Can that traffic circle look any smaller? Can you imagine driving on those tiny roads with that many people and traffic circles? No thanks. 

Those houses are so close together that there is no beginning or end to the neighborhood. The whole "suburb" is one neighborhood. I would be willing to bet that people get lost driving to and from work on a daily basis. The colors are not helping either.

What happened to sticking with white houses? Or John Mellencamp's Little Pink Houses? This is a suburb of the city of Wuhan, which I am going to assume means something like "tight" or "fuck us" in English.

Anytime a person is home in this suburb no less then 300 people know exactly what that person is doing. Can you say perv paradise? A person can't shit, piss, screw, cough, open a door, snore, eat, or move without interrupting the neighborhood. If someone wants to throw a family party they might as well invite the entire suburb, because they are all already there. 

Can you imagine? "Oh jeez, Mary and Lou are screwing again, build another house." What happened to that Chinese one baby rule anyways?