FirstEnergy stadium = Sadness

Oh Cleveland Browns. Even Siri knows there is no end in sight for your futility.

According to reports, in Cleveland, if you ask Siri -- Apple's (trolling) personal voice assistant --  "Where is sadness?" -- it responds with this photo directing people to FirstEnergy Stadium, home of the Browns.

There are no words to describe how perfect this is. On Holcomb, McCown, Dilfer, and Fry, Wallace, Campbell, Weeden, and Johnny Football, just sadness.

I do not own a single Apple product, never have and never will. I don't there stuff is any better than any other electronic device I can get for much less. But, Siri earns points here for sure. Nothing like a good cerebral troll from a robot voice. 

I'm not even sure who the Browns currently have as the starting QB on their roster, but I don't care. They will inevitably select some poor soul in the draft with there 2nd overall pick, crumbling his self esteem. You know what, let me take a look at the depth chart...

1. Josh McCown (his name is already on the famous shirt!!)

2. Austin Davis (13-12 career TD/INT ratio)

3. Connor Shaw (0-1 career TD/INT ratio)

Yikes. I would say there's a lot of pressure on ownership to bring in the future, but this is Cleveland. When you are going up against this twice a year.....

you don't stand much of a chance.