Finished paying Sallie Mae back!!!!

Unfortunately, I myself have not finished paying any of my student loans back, maybe when I'm 50 I'll write such a sentence in regards to my loans. No no, this exuberant title is for a rapper by the name of Dee-1 who penned a very REAL song about his adventures paying that bitch Sallie Mae back.

Rappers are always bragging about how "real" they are, only to go on and throw money in the air like its geese shit (it's everywhere!) and dance up against straight 10's that normal dudes will only come across a handful of times in the real world. Well none of that is real. 

You know what is real? Sallie god damn Mae. She is real and she is a wench. Salute to Dee-1 for rapping about a subject that many young adults can relate to. No Bugatti's, no stripper poles, no $5,000 jeans, just a normal dude rapping about normal problems. 

Not only is the song catchy, the lyrics are on point as well. 

Huh let me tell you what i been through when it comes to Sallie
She call me at least twice a day she want her money badly
Calling me from different numbers ooh she think She slick
But I got them all memorized I hit ignore quick
Needed tuition Needed room and board
Had To pay for books so i took out loans to feed the Boy
Graduated wasn't making Quite enough to pay em back
Went in default Messed my credit up check my Equifax
I ain't proud of that I'm more proud that I drown in that
I got 2 jobs really got on my grind
No time to whine i can't ride the pine
In the game right now My time to shine

Sallie Mae should throw every person who pays her back a party like the one Dee-1 deserves for putting this song out.

If I ever saw Sallie Mae, oh boy, I'll let Clark Griswold speak for me...