Can a felon get a record deal?

Brian Earl Taylor, 21, sang a sappy song to the judge, his mother and his victim at his March 10, 2016 sentencing in Washtenaw County Trial Court for unlawful imprisonment and carrying a concealed weapon. 

Credit: Youtube.

This is a great audition for a record deal. There is no place to pour out your heart felt emotions and captivate an audience like a court room. Adele should definitely shoot her next video in this type of judicial setting.

This guy is so guilty he doesn't even care anymore. He's so guilty he knows that singing may be his last chance. If this was his last chance, at least he shot for the stars. nobody can ever say he did not fight the good fight in court.

The old people behind him are priceless, they are just as surprised at what is going on as I am sure the judge is. speaking of....where is the pan to the judges face? Come on camera man!

when this dude does inevitably get his freedom back, assuming he does not have like a million priors, some RnB group should pick him up off the free agent wire. Street cred of the group will be at an all time high, and Taylor will be hungry for a #1 hit.