MMG on lock down

Maybach Music Group members Rick Ross and Meek Mill took to the interweb to flaunt their ankle monitors. The two rappers not only have matching monitors, they are also sporting the same pair of Timberland boots. So cute.

Meek reportedly cannot travel for 90 days, while Ross is permitted to do so and took the opportunity to go and visit his homie and keep him company, classy move. My question is, where the hell are they? In the video it appears the two rappers are standing on a dirty brown rug in a room with 4 white walls. no artwork, no windows, no bed, nothing.

If Ross is truly in Meek's home, where are the gold statues? Gold records? Pictures of ladies? Bed "where the magic happens?" All Meek ever raps about is money, guns, and ladies. I don't expect to see any weapons on film while he's on house arrest....but no ladies? No Nicki? no money bags? What a shame....

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

In the video, Meek is boasting about upcoming projects while Ross assures viewers the two artists will be alright.

"Special cloth alert"

"DC4 alert"

"Self Made 4 alert" - Meek Mill 

If you are trying to keep one's spirits up, one usually does not choose an empty white room with a gross brown carpet to do so.