Will Peyton's statue have Manning face?

The Colts have decided to retire Peyton Manning's number 18, no surprise there, he is easily the best player that franchise has ever had. The Colts have also made the decision to erect a statue of Manning outside Lucas Oil Stadium. Very classy move by them, but one question remains....will the legendary Manning face be part of the statue's mystique? 

If the Colts truly want to depict Manning in the heat of battle on the gridiron they need to include the red forehead, steely look, and receding hairline, all of which are Manning staples. 

The NFL and ESPN are acting like pro football will never be the same, but truth is, we still have Eli to look forward to every Sunday. 

NFL viewers have at least 4 more years of watching Peyton's brother toss the pigskin and make signature Manning faces. Who knows, maybe he will get run out of NY and finish off his career with a different team, maybe we can live through this whole saga again. God help us.