Tom Condon needs to get paid more

Who is Tom Condon you ask? That would be Sam Bradford's agent at CAA Sports. I have no idea how much that guy makes, but it is not enough. If I were an NFL player or professional athlete of any kind....hell if I were anybody of any kind that needed an agent I'd be giving that guy a call.

Mr. Condon just signed Sam Badford, my bad, Bradford, to a 2-year $36 million dollar deal, $26 million of which is guaranteed. Now, that is not a lot of money for a starting NFL QB, and especially not a lot of money for a veteran NFL QB, but this is Sam Bradford we are talking about.  

His rookie season was solid. Bradford played all 16 games, threw for more than 3,500 yards and threw more touchdowns then interceptions. That's a good rookie year for any QB. Bradford signed a massive 6-year, 78 million dollar deal with the Rams, so his rookie year was nice, but he was paid a handsome sum for it. By the way, the rookie wage scale came in the year after he signed that albatross, so those deals no longer exist.

His second year in the league he caught the ACL bug and only played 10 games, throwing 6 TD's and 6 INT's. You read that right, he played 10 games, threw for more than 2,100 yards....and only threw 6 TD's. 

Bradford got back on track in year three, playing a full 16 game schedule while throwing 21 TD's to 13 INT's.  

But then 2013 and another ACL tear came along, setting him back again. To Bradford's credit, before the ACL injury he did throw 14 TD's to 4 INT's over a 7 game span....and he also missed all of the 2014 season due to the same ACL.

Last season, Bradford led the Eagles to an unsuccessful season and got beat up the entire year behind an OK offensive line. Every time he took a hit you could feel the city of Philly sweat over trying to decide if they wanted him to die on the field or be their long term solution at QB.

Bradford has a career of 25-37-1...and he has never been to the playoffs.

Yet the Eagles are not afraid that he will get injured (again), stink up the joint, or maybe....get boo'd out of the city?  Even with all these very real possibilities, Condon still negotiated a new deal just days ago, which brings Bradford's NFL career earning north of $100 million. Only in America!