Violence at SXSW

Violence is everywhere these days, even music festivals. Austin Texas was packed full of people having a great time jamming out to some of the most popular artists of the moment and of course somebody had to ruin the fun. 

The great news is that the asshole who ruined everyone's days was reportedly apprehended immediately and police were able to find the weapon which was shot up into the sky, injuring nobody. 

Whoever fired the weapon should be locked up in a cell with no key. A cell that can only be closed once, because after the door shuts, there is no way back in. A key never even existed. The person can fire his or her firearms as many times as they want in there.

This is why we as humans cannot have nice things. Shout out to the law enforcement at South By South West. Smarten up people! Like Forest Gump once said, that's all I have to say about that.