Thought on "no poop" zones for dogs

So this morning I am out walking my dog Abby before I go to work, same as every other day. We get to the park across the street and at least 25 geese make dumb geese sounds and fly away. I look to my left and there it is...

Normally I have no problem with these signs and completely respect them. Parks where children run around and play do not need to be littered with dog poop. But, first off, this park has nothing for children, nothing. It's just a path in a loop shape within a grassy area. 

The thing that really gets me is the geese. The geese shit every three steps and they have no poop bags to pick it up, while Abby will go and I'll be right there to scoop it up like its gold. It's literally on the ground for a matter of seconds before I remove it. Not sure how that is hurting the grass or making the park any less messy, speaking of making the park dirty, this is exactly what the park looks like....

Its a mine field. You can either run like a Velociraptor, or spend the next half hour cleaning geese crap off your shoes. But the signs are everywhere, no dog poop! If people were leaving their dogs waste, I'd understand, but I have yet to see any other shit besides those god damn geese turds. 

If Abby had any interest in the geese I'd let her kill each and every one. There are at least a million residing in the park, just shitting like its going out of style.

Anyways, I let Abby go wherever she wants in the park, signs and geese be damned. Game over.