God bless Bill Belichick

This is why I love Belichick. Oh there's a million microphones sitting in front of me waiting to record anything and everything I say....get em outta here! 

Belichick is focused. He has no interest in talking to the press about how Gronk, Edelman, Hogan, Amendola, and Bennett are going to run roughshod around the NFL this season. he doesn't feel like addressing the rumors that Chris Long is extremely motivated and looking for some bling to top off his career. He doesn't want to chat about how he kept his offensive and defensive coordinators around for another ring chasing season.

Belichick has no interest in the owners meetings he is forced to attend. There is no off season for the mastermind. While pushing those microphones across the table he diagrammed 4 plays in his head. He wore gear that is not even associated with the Pats, thats a Johns Hopkins Lax sweatshirt, you know why....because Belichick is in full off season mode and it is scary.