This playhouse is nicer than my apartment

David Howard needs to come to the front of the congregation and accept nomination for father of the decade. Howard spent 18 months building a playhouse for his 2 kids that literally rivals a castle.  

Look at that thatched roof over the entrance, there are flower boxes below the windows! The homey touches are nice, but what really makes the house a home run are the slide and bridge. I know a lot of adults that wish they had a slide and/or bridge on their property, let alone their homes. These kids get an all-weather slide and bridge. It's an indoor playground similar to Total Wine!

Now, I know, I know, eventually these 2 little ones will grow out of this house, but they will never stop appreciating it. This is the equivalent of my father driving down from NH and building me a back country home CT by hand, all inclusive with a pond and mountain to climb.

Father of the decade has been decided people, forget your nominees.