Great advertising

The other day I was driving through Fairfield, CT, I exited off route 95 and stopped at a red light to find this perfectly placed on the guardrail to my left.

I took my phone out and snapped a photo because this is too perfect. That alone is probably worth a $100 fine in CT.

First off, high five to the person who thought to stick this thing where thousands of people every day stop right next to it, that is genius. I was just taking in the sights and sounds of the day and it caught my eye immediately. In fact, my dog was in the car with me and if she could talk I bet she would tell me she saw this sticker too. 

Next, this sums up this entire Presidential race from what I can tell. I know very little about politics, I have yet to take the time to sit down and learn what that stuff is all about. I've got other things (like owing the govt an arm leg and ass hole because I pursued a higher education, cleaning my sock drawer, and going horse back riding in the Alps) that have been taking up my time lately. Maybe I'll sit down and hash my thoughts on the candidates out at some point, who knows. 

That piece of gum next to the sticker is incredibly symbolic of America. My guess is that someone was trying to hit the sticker with their gum, but missed. (This is not a ramp that someone would be walking on.) Just like millions of people have been slandering everything to do with this campaign, but mostly missing the point all along.

Or maybe the person drove by and laughed so hard they spit their gum out? Because this election is all a big joke right?