Add Aaron Rodgers saying he saw a UFO to the list of why I hate him

Aaron Rodgers felt the need to tell the media he saw a UFO some years back. I am not surprised, it is just the latest annoying thing to come out of his mouth. The list of why I dislike Rodgers is growing.

1. Everyone at ESPN thinks he is the greatest QB to ever live. "He's got talent like we have never seen. Nobody can throw like him. He does what he wants on the football field."

If he did what he wanted on the field he would have more than one ring. Roasted. 

2. He always looks like this. 

He might as well write "I love myself and I know I'm great" on his forehead. 

3. His celebrations on the field blow. 

The Discount Double Check makes no sense on a football field, unless every TD you throw leads to someone saving money. And the fist pump he stole from Favre. 

4. Rodgers thought it was a good idea to publicly tell his entire fan base to R-E-L-A-X.

You're famous, people are going to talk about you, you make millions to play a game, shut up. Rodgers sounded like a husband in an argument with his wife.

6. His mustache.

Mustache's are awesome, if on the right person and being grown for the right reasons. Rodgers clearly grows his mustache to be a pompous ass. It's not like it looks good, the stache looks so very bad on his face. Shave it, ya prick. There is no way Olivia Munn is giving that guy any with that awful animal growing over his upper lip.

5. "I saw a UFO." 

No, no you didn't. Nobody has seen a UFO and lived to tell about it. If any aliens are spotted ever, you ass is grass. Dead. Game over.