Is Zac Efron Ryan Reynolds reincarnated?

Sir Efron is following the exact career trajectory as Deadpool himself. Early on, both actors were pretty faces that had successful, but not necessarily good projects under their belts. For Efron, it was High School Musical, and 2, and 3, and for Reynolds it was his Van Wilder character and then a run on Scrubs. After their early success, both actors opened up a gaping hole of shit. (Click on image to enlarge)

Comparing their respective roles over the years (4 years) is not pretty. Reynolds had Blade Trinity (awful), Waiting (eye sore), Amityville Horror (stick to the original), Just Friends (the same movie as Friends With Benefits), and The Nines (I don't think anyone saw that). 

Efron has Charlie St. Cloud (one of the worst films I ever saw), New Years Eve (one of those films where they throw 100 celebs in and forget to write a script), The Lorax (READ THE BOOK, do not see this movie), Liberal Arts (never heard of it), The Lucky One (Charlie St. Cloud 2.0), etc.

Each actor has one movie that was watchable according to Rotten Tomatoes, but I would argue that nobody saw either one. Reynolds had Definitely, Maybe, which was decent, but not a unique film, I felt like I'd seen it before. 

Efron was in Neighbors, but that is very similar to Definitely, Maybe in the fact that it is a watchable film, but not a game changer....and the upcoming Neighbors 2 I am not sold on.

Both of these guys have always been good looking lady killers. Both of these dudes have killer bods, Efron is a body builder these days. Yes, they are different ages, but Reynolds is currently ahead of Efron in the "good films" category thanks to the massive success of Deadpool. 

Efron is currently shooting, Baywatch, and has Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates coming this summer. I have zero faith in the wedding flick, so Efron and the Rock better pull off this Baywatch remake so that he does not fall further behind Reynolds. 

Reynolds has got a hot superhero franchise now, something that Efron sorely needs. Superhero films can save anyone's career, unless you are Reynolds in The Green Lantern. 

I don't see Efron getting a superhero franchise anytime soon, so lets go swimming! Keep the career on track with Deadpool, Efron!