The Voice got Miley Cyrus? Miley has a voice?

Someone please explain to me why this is reportedly the new coach on The Voice....


Let's see...Miley Cyrus is not a good role model, not a good person, not a good girl, not a good entertainer, not a good actress, and not a good daughter.


So it seems like the perfect job for her would be as a singing coach, oh yes, perfect. The Voice is not American Idol where literally any idiot could sit in the comfy chairs and tell people if they have talent or not, no, The Voice has these "voice coaches" to actually teach singing. 

If Cyrus is going to influence contestants, the show is headed down hill. Cyrus is just weird. But not like Lady Gaga who is weird to be sure, but has so much talent (both singing and playing instruments) that everyone can get over the fact that she may wear a filing cabinet at her next red carpet event. 

Cyrus just prefers to wear nothing and always smile and lick everything. Its almost like she's an infant or a dog, they smile and lick everything. 

Oh, and Cyrus' dance moves are straight off of a high school prom dance floor. They are the moves of a girl who just had her first couple fruity drinks and thinks she's being sexy, but in reality, she's embarrassing herself.

The Voice has a real wrecking ball on its hands.