Your rear wiper is on

Yesterday I drove back from a lovely Easter weekend with my family. Driving from NH to CT is bad enough without idiots on the road. This guy had his read wiper going for miles and miles and miles while he drove in front of me. Every time I would pass him, he would find his way in front of me again. One of us would get boxed in or be forced to slow down and somehow I would always end up back behind him. Just look at that stupid wiper going back and forth.

I don't care how short that video was, it was so frustrating watching that wiper and a longer video would have been unsafe to take.

Not only was it not raining at all, but his rear window was filthy so If he had at some point sprayed cleaner and was hoping the wiper would clean it off, nope. It was like the wiper was not even touching the window. 

Above is the route I took from NH to CT, and the segment highlighted in red is roughly how long that dip shit was wiping air off hie rear window in front of me. I was eventually able to pass him and never ever see him again, at which point I was able to take my dog Abby to the park and cool my jets.